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Dr Xutian is recommended by my darling Watson’s trainer. When I first met Dr Xutian, my impression of her was that she’s very soft spoken and she’s very patient n detailed when explaining what should be done. The first time I went was for Watson’s yearly vaccination and Watson had some red marks on his paws and Dr Liang prescribed some oral medications and the rash went away. One month later, Watson had the same problem again on his paws and I got in touch with the clinic to request for the same medication.
Dr Xutian returned my call and explained to me in detail what options were available and what were the pros and cons of each. I made an appointment with her to see Watson again and she gave him the Cytopoint Jab and did a detailed blood test also. Watson is a Singapore Special which I adopted from a shelter and has bite history but Dr Liang is very tactical in handling him to draw his blood and give him the jab and updated us that his next jab should be due around 4-6 weeks time.
When that time came and I made an appt to see Dr Liang again, she assessed that Watson’s skin was looking good and he did not need the injection yet but instead it could be stetched longer. Dr Xutian is the first vet I know that really cares for the doggie and doesn’t just want to earn the money of the owners. Throughout my 42 years of keeping dogs she’s the kindest and most meticulous vet I have seen. 

Noelle, owner of Watson

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