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Use the SnuffleBall to make meal times more exciting, stimulating and fun for your pet dogs and cats. Foraging, hunting and seeking are instinctive behaviours for dogs and cats. A feel-good brain chemical known as Dopamine
increases when an opportunity to gain food appears. It is the thrill or the pursuit of the food that is more satisfying than the food itself. Every feed is an opportunity to give something to your pet; an opportunity to exhibit natural behaviour. No animal evolved to receiving free food in a bowl.

Direction for use:
1. Stuff the SnuffleBall with kibble, meat or
treats in between the folds of fleece.
2. Place the SnuffleBall down onto the floor and ask your pet to “find it”.
3. Have a ball of fun!
Repeat use during each meal.

Important: Remove the SnuffleBall after each meal through an exchange with something higher in value. Replace with a new SnuffleBall when pieces are torn or worn. Use under supervision; fleece pieces if chewed off are a choking hazard.

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Hang out to dry. Not suitable for tumble drying or dry cleaning.


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